RPC Architectural Design Ltd. currently carry out projects within a number of sectors including residential, commercial and industrial. At the same time, we do not limit ourselves to one area, we have a broad range of design skills and experience that can prove effective for any project.

As a company we can provide the following:

  • Initial design development advice

  • Feasibility schemes to explore potential development

  • Planning advice prior to submission

  • Submission of planning permission packages

  • High quality 3D images

  • Submission of Building Regulation packages

  • Highly detailed 2D drawings throughout

  • Coordination with Local Authorities, Contractors and Consultants

  • Structural calculations for simple beams and columns

  • Inspection and issue of Professional Consultant Certificates

We tailor our services to your needs, so we always advise an initial meeting to fully understand your design brief and requirements.


No matter what stage your design idea may have reached, we are confident that we can add value to your project through high quality design ideas and proposals.

You may have a clear picture of you how you envisage your completed house, extension or refurbishment to look and we will assist you fully to achieve this. At the same time, you may have a ‘blank canvas’ possibly a site with potential for housing; we can explore the options available to you through design proposals, sketches and 3D visualisations.

Through the use of the latest CAD software and 3D visualisations we are able to demonstrate and relate your design ideas and proposals to you. Initially, the ideas we present may only be in the form of conceptual sizes and forms to specifically demonstrate how your proposal will relate to the surrounding area and adjoining buildings.

As the design develops and you provide us with ‘sign off’, we can add further detail drawings annotated with dimensions; forming the basis for the planning stage.


Throughout the UK planning policies control how, where and at what rate development can take place.

Each local council is responsible to apply planning policies within their borough, identifying specific areas for specific uses through a Unitary Development Plan. Certain areas and land use will be allocated for housing and like-wise for commercial and industrial uses.

A full planning application can entail documentation including drawings, design access statements and specialist consultants reports. At the same time, your development may not require planning permission so we will advise you accordingly.

Its important to understand how the planning stage can affect your project especially in terms of cost and time. Here at RPC Architectural Design Ltd, we can advise you fully in terms of Planning Policy, General Planning Design Guides and the recently amended permitted development rights.


We are both extremely pleased with the service and commitment RPC Architectural Design gave to our project. They are very ‘on the ball’ and keep you up to date with everything. They are highly knowledgeable and professional.
I couldn’t have been happier with the service we received from RPC Architectural Design. From the outset they was polite friendly and helpful and that has never changed all the way through the job.
Highly knowledgeable and professional. RPC Architectural Design built a really good relationship with us and are genuinely passionate about the work they do, which, as a customer, makes a difference, as we were comfortable enough to ask anything we were unsure of.


In the simplest of terms; Building Regulations set out and provide the minimum standards to be achieved within any form of new construction works.

The construction works may be a new build housing scheme, or a proposed two storey house extension or even the removal of an internal wall. All works are subject to compliance under various forms of Building Regulations.

RPC Architectural specialise within the formulation of Building Regulation drawings. We can provide a fully detailed set out drawings accompanied with a specification that will encompass the minimum requirements to meet in terms of each Approved Document of the Building Regulations, along with a suggested range of materials and construction methods that will aim to gain your project approval.

Your tailored architectural design approach